Mówcy oees 2023

Yenny Vega Cárdenas, PhD
President, International Observatory of Nature Rights

Yenny Vega Cárdenas, Ph.D. and Attorney at law, is President and co-founder of the International Observatory on the Rights of Nature, Expert member of UN Harmony with Nature chapter. Lawyer in Quebec (Canada) and in Colombia, with a Master’s degree in Business Law and a Ph.D. in Water Law in North America from a Canadian University, she is expert on Transboundary Water Law and she teaches Public International Law, Water & Governance and Comparative Law at numerous Universities in Canada and Latin America. She has published several scientific articles in English, French and Spanish and is often invited to participate in national and international conferences related to water issues. 

She has been involved in the recognition of Rights and Personhood to the Magpie River, first in Canada’s history. Through the International Observatory on the Rights of Nature, she is campaigning for the Recognition of legal personality to the Saint-Lawrence River in Canada. 

She co-directed recently a multilingual collective book related to the recognition of Nature and Rivers as subject of Rights. “A personhood and Rights for the Saint-Lawrence River and other rivers of the world”.

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