Discussion needed as daily bread in an Open Café

Open Café is a major initiative as part of the Open Eyes Economy Summit. Thanks to that, visitors to the Congress can enjoy a selection of unique delicacies, mostly local, often from the remotest parts of the world, but always created with respect for human labour, produced responsibly with respect for the environment and local ecosystems.


We believe that exploring this multidimensional and multivalent quality in food products opens eyes and minds to new and important ideas. We ourselves at Open Café are open to… everyone – to food producers, to foodies, to your questions and suggestions. It is a place where we share experiences and try to ensure that our menu always satisfies your hunger for knowledge.


We also want the taste that is inevitably associated with this event to be a pretext not only for discussion and reflection but also for real change and improvement in the world around us.


This year our theme will be bread and cereals. Why, during the 7th OEES, are we talking about them?


Grain is now a product at a premium. Global economists estimate that, due to international events such as the conflict in Ukraine and droughts in key food-exporting countries, the world is at risk of losing nearly 35 per cent of its cereal production potential. This sizeable deficit will only exacerbate the problem of hunger and lack of access to food.


During this edition at the Open Café, you will get to know the finest, sustainably produced, artisanal cereal products. We will also learn more about the needs of organic farming.


We will also discuss finding ways to address the hunger crisis. We will identify opportunities and consider new paths that should lead us to social and economic stability in the future.


We invite you to the Open Café for a discussion about bread and fending off hunger, as well as an exciting exploration of the flavours of the best-baked goods.


Bakers and food companies – people who love what they do and would like to showcase their products at a significant international event – are also encouraged to attend this year’s Open Café.


A café is the kind of place where there is time to enjoy something delicious and to discuss, think, and learn more. With this in mind, as part of OEES, we have created a unique space – Open Café.


As part of the Open Café, we will hold a special “Grain – Gold of 2022” session to address the topic of grain and, by extension, bread. We want to focus on the functioning of the global supply chain and the impact of international events on its disruption in key places. We are committed to looking globally at the economy, discussing potential solutions to the already present global hunger crisis, and recognising local issues. Participants in the discussion will include Monika Piątkowska (President of the Grain and Feed Chamber), Monika Sady, PhD (Cracow University of Economics) or Bartłomiej Rak (President of Rebread, co-founder of Handelek bakery).


Are you interested? Buy a ticket to this year’s OEES today and enter our world full of discussions about the new economy, ecology, sustainability, ethics or culture!”